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Temporary Seismic Experiments

It is proposed to perform a new set of temporary seismic experiments using portable broadband stations in order to study several issues related to wave propagation. The main objectives of these experiments which follow the previous 1999 and 1997 experiments are the following:
bulletto identify the predominant directions of defracted waves at several locations within the basin
bulletto identify the defracted waves generated during the forced vibration tests at the model structures
bulletto explore the 3D structure of the basin
bulletto perform site effect studies

The experiments will be performed around the TST Site at the center of the valley and in many locations within the whole valley. A second set of underground explosion experiments is also foreseen within the context of the aforementioned temporary seismic experiments.

An example of the configuration of the past temporary seismic experiments (1997 & 1994) in the framework of previous research projects is provided in the following figures.





Instrument configuration of the 1994 experiment and records obtained.

Configuration layout of the 1997 temporary seismic network

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