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EUROSEIS-RISK (EVG1-CT-2001-00040) is funded by the RESEARCH DG of the European Commission, within the context of the  Environment Programme "Global Change and Natural Disasters"


EUROSEIS is a large physical laboratory (Test Site), only 30  km distant from Thessaloniki, in northern Greece. EUROSEIS-RISK project includes integrated experimental and theoretical research studies in seismology, applied geophysics, engineering seismology, earthquake engineering, soil dynamics and structural engineering. More specific topics are on seismic hazard assessment, monitoring of seismicity, design of 2D and 3D soil models for site response evaluation, 2D/3D theoretical computations, site effects, SSI effects in the presence of buildings or bridges yielding, validation of retrofitting techniques, etc.

Latest News

bullet 22/06/2005 Final meeting of EuroseisRisk Project
bullet 21/06/2005 Workshop: Recent developments on earthquake engineering issued from Euroseisrisk experiments
bullet 25/02/2004: Project database restructure
bullet 16/02/2004: Preliminary details released regarding experiment to be performed in March
bullet 01/12/2003: "Large scale "Big shots" geophysical experiment performed successfully
bullet 01/10/2003: Progress report uploaded on website database
bullet 14/03/2003: AUTH and ITSAK Meeting, Thessaloniki, Greece
bullet 20/02/2003: Report & TIP available at the project FTP site
bullet 01/02/2003: Web Site activation
bullet 13-14/01/2003: LCPC and ICC Meeting, Barcelona, Spain
bullet 28-29/11/2002: Planary Meeting, Thessaloniki, Greece
bullet 28-29/11/2002: Cluster Meeting, Thessaloniki, Greece


bullet Seismological Network - Seismicity and Source Studies
bulletPermanent Strong Motion Array
bulletPrototype Model Structures
bulletSeismic Hazard
bullet Geotechnical,Geophysical  and Geodetical Surveys
bulletMicrotremor Measurements
bulletGround Motion and Site Effect Studies
bulletTemporary Seismic Experiments
bulletGround Deformation Measurements

Euroseis Test Site Background Information

bulletScientific Publications
bullet Euroseis-Test EV5V-CT.93-0281
Euroseis-Mod  ENV4-CT.96-0255
bullet 6th Framework: Research and Technology Development

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